The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Property Sourcing

Sourcing exclusive off-market opportunities and properties with development potential.

JV Opportunities

Opportunities to partner-up on deals for great potential returns.

Angel Agreements

A totally hands off approach where you lend a sum of money over an agreed period for a generous fixed rate of interest.

BMV deals

Properties secured at a purchase price below market value giving you instant equity.

Buy To Let

A property which is purchased and rented out. Bringing in cash flow each month and long term capital appreciation.


Properties are refurbished and, where possible, extended to add value and sold for profit.


House of Multiple Occupancy - a property let to more than one unrelated persons. Each room is let individually. Higher cash flow potential than Buy To Let.

Land Development

Purchase of land either with or without planning to develop.


Partnering is the key to property investment success. It is how we and the majority of leading property investors operate. A joint-venture is created between the investors and developers with the resulting equity divided amongst the partners.

Partnering with us will create winning results by minimising risk and maximising returns. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts within our team to create successful property joint ventures. We manage the whole process for you.

Sourcing is vital to success in property investment. The most lucrative and exclusive opportunities are rarely advertised publicly by selling agents.

Whether you would like a trophy asset in Central London or are simply looking for excellent returns on your savings, we will create the perfect deal for you.

We have an extensive network of property contacts and we will give you access to exclusive off-market deals.

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Working in Partnership Together

Our expert team take on the business of marrying your funds with property opportunities and in return give you the peace of mind of not having to deal with day-to-day matters.